we will select the in crement of 5

Sep 03

so on For the example, we will select the in crement of 5, to appear as N5, N10, N15, etc, on the

con trol screen The in cre ment has to be set in the con trol – yes, by an other pa ram e ter num ber copper busbar bending machine On

Fanuc 16/18/21, the pa cnc cutter ram e ter num ber that con tains the au to matic num ber ing value is #3216

This is a word type pa ram e ter, and the valid range is 0 to 9999 This pa ram e ter can only be ac ti –

vated by set ting the bit #5 in pa ram e ter 0000 to 1 Pro gram seg ment will look like this:

G10 L50

N3216 R5

busbar Machine


These ex am ples demonstrate how some pa ram e ters are con nected All is done in quite a log i cal

and sim ple way, but it does take a lit tle time to get used to it Once these set tings are com pleted,

there is no need to en ter block num bers in any pro gram that is en tered via the con trol panel key –

board, usu

ally in the Pro gram mode Any

time the copper busbar bending machine End-Of-Block key ( EOB) is pressed, the

N-number will ap pear au to mat i cally, in the in cre ments of 5, sav ing the keyboarding time dur ing

man ual pro gram in put

The idea be hind the G10 be ing modal in the pro gram ma ble pa ram e ter en try mode is that more

than one pa ram e ter can be set as a group Since the two pa ram e ters in the ex am ple are log i cally

con nected, it makes sense to cre ate a sin gle pro gram seg ment, with the same fi nal re sults as the

two smaller pro gram seg ments de scribed ear lier:

G10 L50

N0000 R00101010

N3216 R5


As nei ther pa ram e ter is the axis-type, the ad dress P was not needed, there fore, it was omit ted

The N0000 is the same as N0, and was used only for better leg i bil ity

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 5

Differences Between Control Models

Al though the model num bers do not in di cate it, Fanuc 15 sys tem is a higher con trol level than

the Fanuc 16/18/21 sys tems On Fanuc 15, the pa ram e ter num ber that se lects whether the au to –

matic se quenc ing will en a

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