This program segment will change the parameter

Sep 02

G10 L50

N5130 R1


This program segment will change the parameter #5130 to 1 It does not matter what the cur –

rent set ting is, it will be come 1 or re mains as 1, if that hap pens to be the cur rent value The

chamfering amount will be equiv a lent to one pitch of the thread, in the in cre ments of 01 pitch As

a re minder, do not con fuse a byte with a bit – byte is a value 0 to 127 or 0 to 255 for the byte axis

type, bit is a cer tain state only ( 0 or 1, OFF or ON, DISABLED or ENABLED, Open or Closed, etc ); ie , se lec tion of one of two op tions avail able

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busbar Machine



2 Example 3 :

An other ex am ple of hydraulic busbar cutter hole punching machine a sys tem pa ram e ter change is for the en try of a two-word pa ram e ter type

(long in te ger) It will change the work co or di nate off set G54 to X-250000:


G10 L50

N1221 P1 R-250000


This is an other method, one that dif fers from the one de scribed ear lier Pa ram e ter #1221 con –

trols the G54, #1222 con trols the G55, and so on P1 re fers to the X-axis, P2 re fers to the

Y-axis, and so on, up to 8 axes Be cause the valid range of a long in te ger (two-word type) is re –

quired, a dec i mal point can not be used Since the set ting is in met ric sys tem, and one mi cron

(0001 mm) is the least in cre ment, the value of -250000 will be en tered as -250000 Be care ful

with the in put of ze ros – one zero too many or one zero too few could cause a ma jor prob lem

Speak ing from ex pe ri ence, this type of er ror is not al ways easy to dis cover The fol low ing ver sion

of the ex am ple is NOT cor rect, and will re sult in an er ror:


G10 L50

N1221 P1 R-2500

Decimal point is not allowed in the R-address


Cor rect in put is with out the dec i mal point, as R-250000 An er ror con di tion (con trol alarm) will

also be gen er ated if the P-ad dress is not spec i fied For ex am ple,


G10 L50

N1221 R-250000


will gen er ate an er ror con d

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