Punch load noise is really annoying

Dec 26

The causes of load operation noise are caused by tool and workpiece or stripper plate and blank impact milling drilling machine, stamping process of twisting and punching Drilling Machine for Plate. One punch stamping process of punching and torsional noise the largest noise. \t1. Punching shear noise. Stamping process different, very different noise. Sheet blanking than bending, deep drawing noise. The punch press, pressure wave, flanging, bending, drawing and other forming process noise is small. \t2. Punch noise. Torsional noise of the same type of punch press parts with the thickness, hardness, geometry, hammering speed, die clearance and other factors, the noise increases with these increases.

Punch work, the punch and the plate and the discharge plate and blank impact impact greatly enhanced Structural Steel Fabrication, with the impact of the impact speed also increased. The collision noise of the punch and the subsequent fracture sound of the material can be measured separately, and this measurement method has been implemented. In the same punch, punching thick, hard material than the punching thin, soft material noise. For thick ductile sheets, the impact noise is the same as the fracture sound.

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