Punch high-precision machine tool industry-friendly domestic industry

Dec 26

domestic industry More than 100 kinds of independent innovation results show the industry to upgrade the new look. More than 70 machine tool manufacturers of more than 100 kinds of independent innovation results on display, including a number of high-end CNC punch and basic manufacturing equipment, major national scientific and technological achievements. These achievements have broken many bottlenecks which restrict the development of machine tool manufacturing technology in China for a long time, and have obtained many innovative achievements, covering many key hosts, high-performance numerical control systems, key functional parts and machine tool accessories. Many high-end boutique reflects the world’s advanced manufacturing technology in the field of domestic punch application. Nearly 300 (sets) of high-end boutique on display at the same time, these high-end boutique with the contemporary world of advanced manufacturing technology development trend of the basic technical characteristics of the world’s advanced manufacturing technology in China’s machine tool manufacturing applications reflect the real straightening machine, showing China’s machine tool The industry is actively follow up and adopt the world’s most advanced manufacturing technology, and strive to become one of the world’s advanced manufacturing technology into the tide.

Compared with the whole machine is that hundreds of manufacturers to provide tens of thousands of CNC systems, functional components, the amount of cutting tools and accessories exhibits , And a substantial increase in product technology. These basic matching products, show a synchronous and coordinated development of the punch tool industry best drill machine, the industrial structure is moving towards perfection. China’s machine tool output value for two consecutive years ranked first in the world Chamfering Machine, the development rate is much higher than Japan, Germany and other major machine tool producing countries. The face of new market demand situation, enterprises should focus on upgrading the market competitiveness of high-end CNC machine tools, efforts to enhance the high-end CNC system and supporting the ability of functional components, focus on enhancing the comprehensive service capabilities for the market, to accept in the market test. Machine tool products need to have a high performance stability, reliability and low cost, in order to have a lasting competitive edge in the market.

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