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Dec 26

Punch, Taiwan Pneumatic Press, forging presses manufacturing plant – Shenzhen large punch suppliers Punch die industry to win foreign markets angle punch machine, we must address the current situation In this case, In recent years, the domestic industry is very rapid development of the press drilling equipment manufacturers, punch products in the domestic business also showed a good momentum. However, experts say, its good in domestic sales does not mean that in foreign countries will be able to sell well. Foreign markets have their own special needs and different from the domestic consumption habits. As China’s manufacturing market sentiment trend is still uncertain, and the decline in profit margins led to manufacturing enterprises to upgrade processing equipment and investment expansion will be lower in the next 2-3 quarters, China’s punch market demand rebounded, CNC punch products And the possibility of improvement in profitability of the punch manufacturing industry are still affected by the manufacturers need to maintain a certain level of capacity utilization and customer delays in delivery and other aspects of impact, punch manufacturers have not yet effectively consume finished products inventory automatic punching machine.

In this case, Therefore, China’s punch mold products in order to occupy a place in the international market, we must break through the following three constraints: First of all, our punch mold industry in the use of raw materials, there are still many shortcomings above; The development of punching mold industry in China has been greatly hindered; Finally, China’s punch mold industry supporting system is not yet sufficient. Only by increasing the R \u0026 D intensity and constantly adjusting its development mode and solving the above problems, can the punch press mold industry increase the weight in the competition in the foreign market, so as to promote its future development.

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