Being a higher control, there is also more flexibility on

Sep 03

Being a higher control, there is also more flexibility on Fanuc 15 – for example, the initialse –

quence num

ber can be con

trolled with pa



ter #0031 (there is no equiv


lent on Fanuc

busbar Machine

16/18/21 model), and the pa ram e ter num ber that stores the in cre ment amount is #0032, with the

same pro gram en try styles as al ready shown Also, on Fanuc sys tem 15, the al low able range of

se quence num bers is higher up to 99999

This is a typ i cal ex am ple of a dif fer ence be tween two sim i lar custom Drilling Machine con trols, even from the same con –

trol man u fac turer

Effect of Block Numbers

Many CNC pro grams in clude block num bers, iden ti fied by the ad dress N It would be per fectly

nat u ral to as sign block num bers to the last ex am ple Af ter all, en try of data is a valid CNC pro –

gram seg ment – for ex am ple:

N121 G10 L50

N122 N0000 R00101010

N123 N3216 R5

N124 G11

Will the pro gram work as shown? One of the ba sic rules of drilling steel block se quenc ing is that only one

N-address can be in a block, as the first address What do you think? Will it work?

There are now two dif fer ent N-ad dresses in the blocks N122 and N123 How does the con trol

han dle this sit u a tion? Rest easy – there will be no con flict what so ever!

In case of two N-ad dresses in a sin gle block be tween G10 and G11, the first N-ad dress is al –

ways the block num ber (ba sic rule), the sec ond N-ad dress in the same block is the pa ram e ter num –

ber The con trol sys tem can in ter pret the ap par ent dis crep ancy with out a prob lem If there is only

one N-ad dress be tween G10 and G11 blocks, it al ways ap plies to the pa ram e ter num ber If there are two N-ad dresses in the block, the first one is the block num ber, the sec ond one is the system

pa ram e ter num ber

Block Skip

Nor mal block skip sym bol (/) can be used to con trol data blocks processing, but be care best mill drill ful

when this func tion is used in mac ros, par tic u larly if the con trol al lows block skip func tion in the

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