The workshop reverberation ability and the noise source noise value is determined

Nov 10

Punch noise reduction project implementation:

1, the workshop reverberation skills and the noise source noise value is determined: reverb craft is the arrival of indoor sound and peaceful way, the sound source to stop the sound after the residual sound in the room between the song shot through the wall to receive, the average sound energy density drooping for the original The odd value of one hundred of the period. The longer the reverberation skill, the evidence of the sound in the workshop repeatedly curved song, slow energy decay slow, under the premise of the same sound source reverberation time longer than the reverberation workshop workshop noise is greater.

2, the selection of sound-absorbing material: sound insulation board composed of five departments, noise qualifications perforated plate hole into the sound-absorbing cotton, part of the vibration of the original glass wool will be sent to correct energy into the heat, punch the other part of the outer plate cut off, Arrival of the idea of ​​sharing. (1) the thickness of 2mm outer steel plate, from the noise and shelter, and the appearance of sound-absorbing panels. (2) the central part of the sound-absorbing panel for the sound-absorbing material, made of glass wool products, for the absorption of sound energy, noise reduction material is the main structure points. (3) fiberboard paste in the external sound-absorbing cotton to prevent the sound-absorbing cotton falling. (4) Transparent film attached to the sound-absorbing cotton warts, from the moisture-proof and sound-proof cotton to avoid the inner perforation of the perforated plate in the role of the net.

3, the sound-absorbing panel sealing control: because the entire production line stagnation is punishing a number of small sound-absorbing panels stitched into a closed body, punch is that the insurance noise reduction in the production of the need to control the birth of a good sound-absorbing panels Between the severance, excellent for 1 ~ 2mm. In order not to let the noise through these cracks came to the role of noise reduction of the harvest, often taking the sealant seal space.

4, ventilation management: because of the deployment of their own operation of the heat, by the sound-absorbing material glass wool insulation properties, the production line inside the blockade after the temperature from time to time than the external high 3 ~ 5 ℃. In the implementation of noise reduction projects, the daily noise in the top wall plan exhaust fan, take away the hot atmosphere of closed space, so that negative pressure inside, the external atmosphere through the noise wall into the interior. In the exhaust fan when the Chinese low-noise fan to avoid contamination of the results of noise.

5, lighting penalties: shade Wei closed after the implementation of the project to set up internal and external workshop lighting partition, which closed the body supply of supplementary lighting system. In order to ensure the production and post-setting requirements of the lighting, planning to reach more than 500 lumens illumination. Close the body of the lighting of a single isolated wiring, parallel switch, to ensure the application and does not affect the original power supply system. In addition, in order to prevent sudden power outages in the workshop, in the closed body to install the material edge emergency lighting system to ensure that the construction of Kazakhstan to build and staff well.

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