Hydraulic Punching Machine: the Development Demand of a New Kind of Press

Oct 20

With the progress and development of science and technology, energy saving and environmental protection, punch processing effect of the author, increasing emphasis on light weight processing, press manufacturers punch technology in the development of the performance of the press also put forward more stringent requirements, here is the hydraulic punch appears A new generation of punch under the environment came into being. Hydraulic presses are considered third-generation punches. Servo presses use servo motors instead of conventional frequency-converting motors as the core power of the press. They are used in motors that do not require constant energy storage operations, and transmit to the adjustment and control It is an energy-saving, environment-friendly, lightweight, safe, high-efficiency, high-precision and widely used stamping processing equipment to meet the different needs of stamping processing production.

Hydraulic press as the earliest domestic manufacturers, the production of servo presses than the traditional punch has the following advantages:

Hydraulic punching machine in general the applicability of the operation, more convenient

The hydraulic press device is controlled by a full set of servo system which is formed by a reciprocating motion curve which is no longer a single motion but a single movement according to the ramming process, different materials, different widths, different thicknesses of the optimized group Free-flowing curve. Servo presses are equipped with several sets of NC processing curve database, which can store different processing curves and stamping parameters freely according to demand. Only use the required processing curve according to the characteristics of the stamping process, the stamping process is high speeding.

2, the hydraulic punch press molding accuracy than the average higher

The hydraulic press uses a linear scale to detect the position of the slider, and the sliding parts during the stamping process have good precision in motion control, especially near the dead center, to ensure that the accuracy of the + / slider is 0.01 mm; through the servo press Closed-loop feedback control to ensure that the punch under the high-precision die in the production process is stable and inhibit stamping products, burr, and fundamentally avoid the adverse stamping products.

3, the hydraulic punch press than the average production efficiency

(1) the general punch, increased production efficiency, can only increase the slider stroke frequency, but the slider stroke caused by the number of high-speed changes in the formation of adverse effects of products; servo presses can be allowed to travel under the circumstances shrink and reduce the forming Speed, speed up the processing range of the slider speed, reduce unnecessary waste, effectively improve the efficiency of stamping production.

(2) more servo punch and servo-independent manipulator, not only can easily be the best adjustment, save energy consumption, but also to avoid artificial participation in the production of a variety of adverse factors such as: slow, dangerous and erroneous operation Efficiency, increased production capacity and safety.

4, hydraulic presses to save energy

Using the servo motor punch, work entirely by the motor torque, punch through the organization required the impact of the drive, no clutch, the motor drive unit to control the motor start and stop the motor rotation only when there is punching, remove the universal motor and flywheel blank, To save energy consumption.

Punch machine manufacturers how to use the construction machinery during the run-in period

Oct 10

Running-in period is to ensure the normal operation of construction machinery to reduce the service life of the first part. But at present, some users because of the lack of knowledge or the use of construction machinery is because the time is tight, or want to gain, and ignore the run-in period of the new machine is to recruit. Some users even think that if the manufacturer has a warranty period, this machine is repaired by the manufacturer to break, so the punch machine manufacturers in the run-time machine is caused by Shao long-term load, causing early frequent attack aircraft, which not only affect the normal use of the machine , Shorten the life of the machine, but also because the machine is damaged, the impact on the progress. Therefore, the use and protection of construction machinery in operation should cause enough attention.

First, the characteristics of run-in period:

1, wear rate fast

Due to the new machine parts processing, installation and adjustment of factors such as the impact of a conflict, the surface of the cooperation is very small, the pressure on the surface is not small. The machine during operation, part of the surface of the concave and convex some of the conflict, wear down the metal fragments, but also as abrasives, continue to participate in the conflict, more rapid part of the cooperation in the appearance of wear and tear. Therefore, the wear rate (in particular, the co-operative surface) wear during operation of simple components. At this time, assume that overload operation, it will cause damage to the site, the early problems.

2, smooth

As the gap of the new installation of spare parts, press manufacturers because of installation and other reasons, it is difficult to ensure uniform gap, smooth oil (grease) is not easy to form a uniform surface of the oil film to prevent the conflict of wear and tear. And then lowered the smooth performance of this part of the early abnormal wear. Serious, will constitute a good cooperation surface of the conflict or the emergence of bite, leading to attacks.

3, attack loose

Part of the new processing and installation in the form of some mistakes, in the past the use of punch, due to the impact of shock, vibration and other alternative load, as well as heat, deformation and other factors, punch manufacturers with excessive wear and tear , Simple to make the original fasteners loose.

4, attack leak phenomenon

Due to the impact of mechanical loosening, vibration machine heating machine, sealing surface and pipe joints will appear leakage phenomenon; casting, processing and other shortcomings, it is difficult to install and debug the creation, but because of oscillation, affecting the work process, reveals this Disadvantages are (leakage) of oil leakage (water). Therefore, the run-in period is very simple, there leakage.

5, operational errors and more

Due to the layout of the aircraft, (especially the new operator) do not understand the function, as a result of operational problems, or even cause mechanical failure.

CNC turret punch composition of the composition of which parts

Oct 07

Six main parts of the CNC turret punch press total.

1, the operation panel: the operation and information exchange tool, CNC turret punch. At present, the most popular operating system in the press factory is used in the process of automatic conversion of graphics, and the operation is flexible and convenient.

2, control media and input and output devices: control media is part of the recording medium processing procedures, input and output devices are CNC system and external equipment interaction.

3, the numerical control device according to the parts processing program corresponding processing (such as motion trajectory processing, machine input and output processing, etc.) input, and then output control commands to the corresponding execution (servo unit, drive device and so on) is the core of numerical control system .
4, servo unit, drive and measuring devices: to ensure sensitive and accurate numerical control device instruction tracking, including feed and spindle motion commands, and so on. Servo motor, linear guide, ball screw, coupling, pneumatic components and electrical components are imported brand names, to ensure the accuracy and stability of equipment;

5, programmable logic controller, equipment input / output circuit and equipment: accept CNC machine tools, instructions, decoding and converted into the corresponding control signals, control auxiliary equipment and equipped with the corresponding switch; receive signal input / output operation panel and equipment side, Numerical control devices are given. After processing, the numerical control system and the working state of the device output command control function.

6, machinery and equipment: the main NC equipment, is to achieve the manufacture and processing of parts. Full bed tempering and vibration aging treatment, the effective elimination of internal stress;

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