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Sep 26

1500-2000 hours of use Maintenance
Lubricating oil and grease discharge pressure detecting functional testing and adjustment. Air filter system, the regulating valve to the oil and other impurities and water test function to check the necessary adjustments. 3. Check the air pressure switch setpoint and pressure detecting functional testing and adjustment. Mold height adjustment switch indicative of the examination and the set value and the measured value of the check. Mold height adjusting means of the sprocket, and the other parts chain, drive shaft, worm, etc. without loose, abnormal and chain tension check and adjustment. Removing the gear box cover, internal engine wear and check the status of key bit loose and sump cleaning, lubricating
CNC turret punch renewal and operation status, noise, vibration test to check. Transmission various parts oiling points of discharge of oil and pressure testing and adjustment. From the piston action of the brake mechanism, brake angle, and clearance from the brake to make the test check sheet and the amount of wear of the necessary adjustments.
Gap slider guide rail and the road surface friction measurement and inspection, if necessary, for calibration adjustments. Flywheel bearing grease and manually add piping, fittings and other tests. Action status and balance cylinder oil lubrication oil system, joints and other tests to check. Test circuit and check the motor insulation resistance of the electrical operating circuit. Precision machine (vertical, parallel, integrated clearance, etc.) test, calibration adjustments when necessary. Clean appearance and attachment of the punch, indecent and mechanical foot (base) tightened the screws, the locking nut and check the level of the necessary adjustments. The lubricating oil system to pump, valves and other pipeline cleaning and maintenance and inspection. Pneumatic components of the air system, piping and other cleaning and maintenance and operation of the test examination.
3000-4000 hours of maintenance testing using the test and adjust the projection angle and the maintenance of the regional performance of the photoelectric safety device. Another member of the appearance of the electrical system, and on-line contact wear loose, etc. inspection, testing and test checks the second time off the rotary cam switch box and adjust the function of the emergency stop circuit. Oil overload protection device of the cleaning chamber to clean oil, oil pressure and the renewal movement and functional testing and adjusting. The main motor V-belt wear and tension, check and adjust. From the brake mechanism components disassemble (without flywheel) cleaning and maintenance, check and adjust the gap and refitted debugging. Another member balancer disassemble, clean and inspect refitted debugging. 6000-8000 hours of use Maintenance saw tooth link disassemble, cleaning and maintenance, inspection and saw tooth thread engagement and abrasion link status, and polishing, grinding the occlusal surface and apply grease. Slider assembly (tee, cover charge. Overload cylinder, worm, worm, etc.) disassemble, cleaning and maintenance, the gap adjustment and wear surfaces, seal checking and re-apply grease. Die pad disassemble and clean check after each wear surface and re-apply grease assembly test.

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Sep 26

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